About Me

  • I was born and grew up in Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou, on the east coast of China. I graduated from Xiaoshan High School in 2012. Although Xiaoshan is a small and quiet town, it has bred many extraordinary people and inspirational stories.
  • I spent 4 years at Zhejiang University, a top university located in Hangzhou, China.

  • In my first year at ZJU, I majored in medicine. Later I transferred to the Elite Program of Finance, a class of 37 talented young people. I studied a lot about corporate finance, financial management, investment, accounting, derivatives, and financial modeling during those years. I received my bachelor’s degree in finance in June 2016. I have met some of my best friends at ZJU.

  • During my four years’ stay in Hangzhou, I had more opportunities to explore the city. I really love Hangzhou, for its beautiful scenery and pace of life, even if the city is also famous/notorious for its volatile weather conditions, being boiling hot in summers and biting cold in winters.

  • During my undergraduate years, compared with my outstanding classmates who were ambitious to become investment bankers and analysts, I found myself more interested in writing code. During college, I only had limited opportunities to take about 4-5 fundamental computer science courses (Java programming, C programming, databases, data structures), but in these classes I was always inspired by how the world made up of 0 and 1 works (just like how I am feeling while building up this personal blog). Later I applied to several graduate programs in the US, all of which were related to both finance and computer science, and finally came to the master program in Economics and Computer Science at Duke University in the fall of 2016.

  • At the beginning of my graduate life, I didn’t plan to fully switch to a computer science person, and was thinking about doing something on the intersection of finance and computation. But now after studying some interesting new developments in computer science, I have made up my mind to become a computer science engineer and researcher in software, big data, or machine learning in the future.

  • I am a fan of Japanese TV dramas. My favorite actress is Yui Aragaki, while favorite actors are Nagayama Eita, Shun Oguri, and Ryuhei Matsuda (well so many favorites lol). When I don’t study, I cook, eat, sleep, and talk with my friends.